If you want new windows in your home before the summer heats up, now is the time to call your local window company. We’ve said in our blog that there really is no bad time to get new windows, but there are times that we, as a local window company get quite busy. One of those times is right when the temperatures begin to rise and people realize how poorly their windows keep the summer heat out.

Why Now? Good Weather, Less Wait & Immediate Energy Savings

Spring in Texas is relatively short. Once it begins to warm up it quickly becomes hot and the bugs are here. Early spring doesn’t have many bugs and although we only take one or two windows out at a time, later in the season you’re more prone to end up with a few pests in your home.

As a local window company, we see it every year. Once its really hot out, people want new windows right away. Because we install custom windows for a perfect fit, it takes some time for the manufacturer you choose to make your windows to fit your window openings.  And, the as people realize they want new windows, the manufacturers become busier and you have a longer wait.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to calling now is that the sooner you call the sooner you’ll see energy savings. Today’s windows that meet ENERGY STAR® standards are significantly more energy efficient than older windows.

How to Find a Local Window Company

If you’re in the Arlington, Texas area, you’ve already found one. Affordable Replacement Window Systems is not only a local window company, but we’re an independent window company. That means we offer products form several manufacturers. That lets you choose the window with the right style, color and energy efficiency level for your budget. If you’re not in Arlington, TX or the surrounding communities, ask your friends and neighbors who they’ve used or search “window company near me” and see who comes up. Once you see their website, you’ll be able to tell if they offer more than one brand of windows, if they are local and reviews.

Not only are we locally owned and operated, but our two primary window lines, NT Windows and MI Windows are made locally in Texas as well. We have many 5-star reviews and are A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau. We’d love to provide you with a free estimate for your new windows. Call or text us today at (817) 264-6509, fill out our contact form or chat with a team member now

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