Eventually the temperatures will drop and we’ll be turning on the heat. If last winter you felt the cool air coming in through your winds and were planning on doing something new before this winter, you’re not too late. If you’re considering new double pane windows, here is what you should know.

Choose Low-E Glass and Double Pane Windows

Window manufacturers today almost only offer new windows with Low-E glass. This specially coated glass helps reflect the heat of the sun in the summer while allowing light through. In the winter, it keeps the warm air in your home.

Dual or double pane windows provide better insulation than single pane. Although a triple pane window provides the most insulation, the increased cost doesn’t provide enough energy savings to warrant the third pane in most cases. The reason multiple pane windows are more energy efficient is because the space between the panes, whether filled with air or an inert gas, provides insulation.

How Much Can You Really Save?

That depends on your existing windows. If you’re replacing drafty single pane windows, you’ll save more than if you already have double pane windows that are simply inefficient or worn out. And, the savings will vary based on the energy efficiency of your new windows. Energy.gov estimates between $200 – $400 annually on heating and cooling costs for our area.

New Windows Do More Than Just Save on Heating & Cooling

Most homeowners only look at the savings they’ll gain on heating and cooling their homes. However, your new windows with Low-E glass will protect your furnishings, flooring and curtains from fading. Because your home will be more energy efficient, you may find that your HVAC system runs less frequently which means it will last longer than one that cycles on and off frequently. Plus, you’ll be more comfortable in your home because you won’t have drafty windows.

If you’re considering new windows for your home, contact Affordable Replacement Window Systems. We offer several local and national brands all with energy efficient Low-E and dual or triple pane glass. Call or text us today to schedule your free estimate – (817) 264-6509.

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