You likely heard about The Inflation Reduction Act and wonder how a bill named as such and touted as an ambition climate spending package has anything to do with windows. However, because windows are a big source of energy loss in a home, there are provisions in the bill for them and other home improvements. However, decoding exactly what the new window tax incentives really are isn’t as easy as it should be. We’re going to do our best to help with those and other home improvement tax incentives.

Tax Credits for Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

Because windows and doors are a major culprit in energy loss (25-30% according to the Department of Energy) the new program encourages homeowners to consider replacing their old inefficient windows and doors. You can now get up to $600 annually for windows and skylights and a $250 for exterior doors with a maximum door credit of $500. Remember, these are tax credits which apply against your taxes due which is a lot better than a tax deduction. That’s certainly not going to pay for your new windows and doors, however, it is a good incentive to replace yours.

Insulation Tax Rebate

We’re not an insulation company and we don’t handle blown insulation. However, if you are looking at replacing your siding, now is a great time to add an insulative wrap beneath your insulation. That insulation could provide you with a rebate of up to $1600. It will also help lower your heating and cooling costs for years to come!

What’s the Catch?

The new window tax incentives and those for doors and the insulation rebates all have rules. The one that’s most important to consider is that products you’re purchasing, especially the windows and doors. They must be ENERGY STAR rated for your home. Your income may also impact how much you get with any of these incentives and rebates. On a positive note, the incentives that were once lifetime are now annual, which benefits most homeowners.

We Offer Window, Doors & New Siding

Whether you’ve been planning on replacing your windows, doors or siding for some time or the new window tax incentives are encouraging you, Affordable Replacement Window Systems can help. We will honestly answer your questions and you can be assured that we only offer ENERGY STAR windows so that your purchase will meet that minimal qualification. We always provide you with a written quote so you can share with your tax advisor and ask them questions about the program as well. Call or text us today at (817) 264-6509 or fill out our contact form for your free quote.

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