James Hardie sidingFor many homeowners a main reason for getting new siding installed is the curb appeal. Older vinyl siding fades over time, cracks and grows mildew. All of which detract from the look of your home. If you’re looking for some great reasons to get new James Hardie fiber cement siding, here are some other new siding benefits.

Improves Energy Efficiency

New siding of all types has better R-value than older siding. James Hardie’s product line works together to better insulate your home. One example is their insulated lap siding and trim not only insulate against the summer heat but also reduce noise in your home. Many of their other products come with built in insulation that deliver the same increased R-value. Did you know that with a better insulated home, your HVAC runs less and lasts longer? This is an added benefit that comes with both new siding and replacement windows.

Reduces Maintenance

Older wood siding often needs scraping and painting every few years. You also have to make sure that it is securely attached to the home and occasionally add caulk to seal openings. With James Hardie siding you can typically go at least 15 years before needing to prime and paint the siding. If you’re replacing vinyl siding and hate pressure washing it a couple times a year, you’ll find that you won’t have the same level of mildew growth with fiber cement siding.

Protects Your Home

Older siding has weakness. Small cracks, misaligned boards, and untreated wood are all places pests of all types can enter your home. New siding seals those little openings. The process of replacing siding also uncovers damage to your home’s structure from those cracks before they become serious. With fiber cement siding, your home is practically impervious to pests and bugs don’t want to chew on it because it’s not wood. Hail can’t dent or break fiber cement siding.

If you’ve been looking for reasons to install new siding, we’ve given you more than a few today. As a local James Hardie installer, Affordable Replacement Window Systems can help. Call us and we’ll help you choose the right style and color for your home. We can be reached at 817-264-6509.

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