If you’re replacing your windows, you should consider new entry and sliding glass doors too. This is especially true if you have one or several sliding doors and the reason you want new windows is because your current ones aren’t energy efficient. Your doors can be responsible for around 11% of your home’s energy loss. With our hot summers, this can equate to big electric bills.

Check Your Current Doors

Most homes have several types of doors. All have a primary entry door, or their front door. Many have a garage door and some have a back door. The majority of homes have sliding glass doors in addition to other entry doors. Any or all of them could be contributing to your home’s energy loss. Here are some things that signal inefficient sliding and entry doors.

  • Single pane glass in sliding doors
  • Metal frame doors that aren’t insulated. You can check yours by touching them on a cold day or after the sun has been shining on them for a few hours. If they feel cold on a cold day or hot from the sun, chances are good they’re not insulated.
  • Check for drafts between panels of your sliders. If you can slip a dollar bill between the two panes of your sliding glass doors, they’re contributing to your energy loss.

A standard entry door that you can slide a dollar bill under or on the side usually just needs new weather stripping.

Consider an Insulated Entry Door or Dual-Pane Glass Sliding Door

One of the best insulating entry doors is a solid wood door. However, solid wood doors that are constantly exposed to rain or sun don’t last long or require a great deal of maintenance. Insulated fiberglass entry doors are a great alternative. They can be pained and most are energy efficient. Steel is another option especially if you’re looking for a safe door. Just make sure to chose a foam insulated door or you’ll end up with a lot of heat transference.

Sliding glass doors are ideal for a door that leads out to your patio or pool. They give you great sightlines from inside the home. Choosing a dual-pane sliding glass door will make your home feel more comfortable when the doors are closed. If the sun shines on your patio doors and your current ones aren’t Low-E glass, your new sliding glass doors will be and that alone will help you save on heating and cooling costs.

We Replace Doors Too

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