replacement windows in a boothBuying replacement windows isn’t something you usually do more than once in the life of a home. It’s also not an inexpensive home improvement project. That’s why you want to do it right when you do it. Not only should you speak to several different window installation companies for quotes but you should also keep these common mistakes in mind before making your final window choice.

New Window Features

Your current windows may be single pane and hard to clean and they only open and close. Now is the time to really understand how different windows offer different features and benefits. Double hung windows are easy to clean and give you the ability to open them from the top down or bottom up and most have dual tilt in sashes. Casement windows offer an unobstructed view. Most single hung windows offer a tilt in bottom sash. Almost all windows today offer some degree of energy efficiency. Depending upon your home and what is important to you, don’t just replace your windows, upgrade them.

Cutting Corners to Cut Costs

Because the NFRC requires a label on every window, you can truly compare apples to apples. Don’t just look at the cost of a window from the window installation companies you’re considering, look at the NFRC label. You want a window that has the recommended U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient recommended for your area. In the Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth areas this is a U-Factor less than or equal to .30 and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient less than or equal to .40. It’s worth the higher cost to have energy efficient windows as you’ll see the savings in your monthly bills.

Not Considering Grid and Glass Options

Every window manufacturer offers different grid and glass options. A new grid style may allow more light into your home or it may make it look more modern. Don’t just choose the same because that’s what you’ve always had, look at the options and choose one that best suits your style. As for glass, some common options are obscured for bathroom windows, impact resistant windows, and even ones that reduce glare. Not all are right for every home but now is the time to decide if any of these options are right for yours.

Don’t just call a few replacement window companies and ask for quotes, decide which features are important to you and get quotes for the right replacement windows. Affordable Replacement Window Systems offers quality windows at affordable prices without the high pressure sales tactics. If you’re ready to talk about new windows, call us, we’re ready to help – (817) 264-6509.

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