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If you’re looking for siding that is durable, beautiful, and better than vinyl in many ways, you should consider James Hardie® siding. With over 130 years of siding innovations, you’ll love your remodeled home. For homes in Arlington, Bedford, Euless, and the surrounding communities, James Hardie siding adds a sophisticated touch to the exterior of your home. Here’s why we believe it’s the best siding on the market today.

It’s Strong

The winds and strong storms that come through our area can damage your home in several ways. Flying debris can crack or break vinyl siding and dent aluminum siding easily, but James Hardie fiber cement siding stands up to almost any type of debris. Hail storms don’t dent it and the errant baseball will bounce right off. Because of its strength, homeowners don’t have to worry about an insurance claim after a strong storm.

If it’s bugs and other pests you want protection against, you can’t beat James Hardie products. Unlike wood, bugs can’t penetrate fiber cement. The small cracks in vinyl siding leaves your home vulnerable to pests of all types but not James Hardie.

It Looks Great Longer

Vinyl siding is prone to fading and mildew growth. Aluminum siding fades too. Wood siding requires maintenance like sanding, painting, and sealing regularly. Because of James Hardie’s ColorPlus® Technology, the color is baked into the finish. This helps it resist fading, peeling, and chipping that other types of siding have. Even in the relentless Texas sun, your siding will look great for years.

It’s Energy Efficient

Although we don’t have the extreme cold that some of the country does, we do have many hot days. If you want a siding product that helps keep your home a more consistent temperature, fiber cement siding offers many advantages over other types. Because it doesn’t expand or contract with temperatures changes, there are fewer cracks that let hot or cold air in. If you want even more insulation, ask about the insulative wrap available.

At Affordable Replacement Window Systems we only sell one type of siding and that’s James Hardie fiber cement siding. We know it’s the best siding product on the market for home throughout the DFW Metroplex. If you need new siding and want to learn more about James Hardie products, we’d be happy to provide you with a free quote and answer any questions, just call (817) 264-6509.

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