Most homeowners struggle with the decision as to whether they should replace their windows. They know it’s an investment and often wonder if they could be repaired or if painting them will give them new life. The right solution isn’t the same for everyone.


If you currently have windows with Low-E glass that are at least double pane windows, you likely have a warranty on those windows. Things like moisture or condensation between the panes of glass indicate a seal failure (assuming the window isn’t cracked) and may be covered by the window warranty. Other things like window that won’t open or won’t stay open may also be covered.

However, depending on age of the windows and whether the warranty was transferable at the time you purchased your home (or at all) will determine if these things are covered. If you have good windows and no warranty coverage, and it’s just one window, it may be worth calling a window repair company and having them handle the issue. If you don’t have quality windows and many windows have failed, it’s likely time to replace your windows


Not all window materials can be painted. Typically, only wood, fiberglass and some aluminum windows (including aluminum clad windows) can be painted with any level of success. However, there comes a point where painting the windows, even wood ones, isn’t the best course of action due to the window’s age and the state of the wood. Before you invest your time or money into repainting your windows, consider how they’re functioning as well as their overall appearance. You may decide that it’s better to replace your windows now.

Is it Time to Replace Your Windows?

If you have old wood, vinyl or aluminum windows with just one pane of glass, you should plan on replacing your windows rather than spending more on maintenance or repairs. You’ll find that not only do you save money on heating and cooling, but that your home is also more comfortable. Many homeowners also find that their home looks better too.

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