blinds between glassBlinds between glass have lots of benefits over external blinds and are a fairly recent invention. Many different manufacturers offer them on a variety of window and door styles. The most common is on French doors and other entry doors. If you’re looking at new doors or windows, you may want to consider blinds between glass as an option.

They’re Safe

If you have small children in your home, you know one of the big safety concerns are the window blind cords. Every one now comes with a choking hazard warning label. When your blinds are between the panes of glass, there are no cords. A simple lever slides up and down the window to adjust the blinds.

Pets Can’t Destroy Them

Are you tired of replacing blinds because your cat climbs them or your dog chews them? BBG solves both problems. Your blinds remain unreachable yet you are still able to open and close them for privacy and light.

No Dusting Necessary

Sure, some cleaning product companies have come out with some pretty clever ways to clean your blinds, but not having to clean them is even better. Because the blinds are in a sealed space, they’ll never accumulate dust or fingerprints.

Easier to Clean the Windows

When you’re not fighting with blinds or curtains, it’s simply easier to clean the glass. Clean glass lets in more light and gives you a nicer view.

They Look Great

Because they won’t get dusty, dirty, or broken by little fingers or paws, they look great as long as you have your window or door. When you want privacy, but also the ability to let light in or see out, blinds between glass is the best solutions.

Of course, not all window styles are ideal for blinds between glass. Talk to your replacement window company about the options for the windows or doors you’d like to see with BBG. If you’re considering a new door or replacement windows in Arlington and the surrounding areas, call Affordable Replacement Window Systems. We offer many doors and windows with internal blinds. Call (817) 264-6509 to schedule your no obligation appointment today.

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