When we talk to potential customers about their current siding, they often say they’re replacing it to modernize and update their home. However, they’re not always sure what to change in order to have that modern look. Today’s siding design isn’t what it used to be. You don’t have to stick with one color or even one type of siding. In fact, if you want a modern look, you’ll choose a mix of styles and colors.

Varied Siding Styles

Today’s manufacturers now make siding in many different styles. In addition to the multiple width vertical clapboard siding, you can also consider:

  • Dutch Lap
  • Beaded
  • Shake
  • Shingle
  • Scalloped/Half-round
  • Horizontal
  • Board and Batten
  • Log

Choosing two options in your siding design provides visual interest and dimension to your home.

Contrasting Colors

One of the boldest looks today in siding design contrasting colors. For example, choose a light grey siding for the primary areas of your home and a navy or other dark color for the roof peak areas. Your siding company can help you choose a good place on the home for your secondary color siding.

The Two-Toned Look

This is a style that has come and gone and come back again. If you don’t want the contrast, consider two shades of the same color family. A rich deep grey and a light grey or tan and brown. This creates visual interest without drawing attention to the fact you have two different colors.

Color & Texture

Whether you’re going with contrasting colors or a more muted look with different shades of the same color, choosing different siding styles makes a huge impact in your home’s appearance. This is truly the most modern siding design today. Most newly built homes have two different types of siding in two different colors.

Affordable Replacement Window Systems Can Help with Siding Design

We know siding as well as we know windows. Whether you’re just looking for new siding or it’s time for both new siding and new windows, call Affordable Replacement Window Systems. We can help you design a new look for your home and choose the right siding material too! Call or text (817) 264-6509 today for your no obligation appointment.

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