Although you may not give much thought to the material your entry door is made from, if you’re considering a new door, you want one that will protect your home and look great. Choosing the right door takes understanding the pros and cons of different materials and fits your budget. You also want it to look great. After all, your front door is part of your home’s first impression.

Material Options

The primary entry door materials are wood, fiberglass, and steel. Any of which may have a glass panel. For comparison reasons, let’s discuss doors without windows and their various pros and cons.


Wood doors have many great qualities. They’re durable, look great and can be stained or painted. It’s important that you know what you’re getting so be wary of a less than honest door company who may claim a wood door is solid wood when in fact it’s wood-veneer with an engineered wood core. A downside of wood is that it can warp and takes a fare amount of upkeep. A solid wood core door will be among the more expensive entry door options you find. An engineered wood core can run half as much as its solid wood counterpart and do the job just as well.


Fiberglass composite doors are a great option for a busy family who wants a low maintenance entry door. They’re also a great option for a home where the sun shines on the door or it’s exposed to rain. Unlike a wood door, it won’t warp or rot in sun or moisture. A fiberglass foam core door is also much more insulative than wood. Depending on the manufacturer, it can look like wood or can be painted.


If you’re looking for the most secure door, you probably want steel. They’re also exceptionally strong and if you end up with a dent, you can get it fixed fairly easily. You will need to re-paint a steel door occasionally. Steel is usually the most affordable option as well.

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