You already know that having energy efficient windows is a great way to save on energy costs every year—vinyl windows keep the air inside your home from leaking out and keep the air outside from getting in. But did you also know that the siding you have on the exterior of your home can also play a role in energy efficiency? Much like older windows, the wrong home siding in Arlington can actually be costing you money by letting air escape. Replacing your home exterior with vinyl siding can also help save you money in other ways as well.

Energy Savings

A typical home in Arlington actually has a significant amount of heat transfer between the studs of the outer walls and the air outside. In the summer months this means some of the money you’re spending to cool your home could be escaping outdoors, forcing your AC to work even harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. In the winter it means your furnace is the appliance doing that overtime work. Energy efficient vinyl siding in Arlington can reduce heat transfer with higher R-value and save you money.

Limited Maintenance

Upkeep and maintenance on your home can cost a lot, whether it’s repairing wood siding that has become damaged or decayed, repainting, or some other maintenance cost. One of the benefits of vinyl siding in Arlington is that it requires very little maintenance over the course of its entire useful life. That doesn’t mean limited maintenance right now, it means limited maintenance for decades, which can add up to a ton of money in savings. If it does get dirty you can clean it on your own with a hose or a bucket of warm soapy water, and repairs are quick and easy.

Long-Lasting Protection

Finally, vinyl siding in Arlington, TX can save you money by not needing to replace your home exterior very often. Getting brand new siding to cover your entire home is an investment, but one that you don’t want to have to make every few years. With vinyl siding you can get a home exterior designed to last for decades to come. Plus it’s environmentally friendly, so you can feel good about your decision.

When you are ready to get new home siding in Arlington, TX, call a siding contractor that can help you find the ideal product for your home as well as your budget and take advantages of all the benefits siding can offer.

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