window replacement company installing windowsThere are many window replacement companies in Arlington. Even more service our area. How do you know you’re hiring a good window replacement company? The signs aren’t always easy to spot but with today’s blog, you should have a better idea if the one you’re considering is worth handing over your down payment to and signing that contract.

1.      Presentation

Presentation of your contractor isn’t just what they share with you when they show up to sell you on their windows and company. You want to look at how the sales rep presents himself in several manners. Does he show up on time? Does he have a business card and information to leave with you? When you look at the window replacement company website, does it provide further information you are looking for? These are just a few parts of the presentation of a company you should evaluate before hiring them.

2.      Products

Although some window replacement companies specialize in only one brand, most offer more. Make sure the company you are considering hiring offers brands with great reviews and high-quality products. Most manufacturers don’t offer their products to just anyone. You want replacement windows that are custom made for your home, not windows that come off a shelf that may or may not fit perfectly into your window openings.

3.      Reputation

Anytime you buy a product or hire a company to work in your home, you should check their reputation. It’s easier than ever to check up on both the manufacturer and the installation company. Start with the BBB and Google. Both have unbiased reviews. Other places that you can check include Facebook, Houzz, and Angie’s List. Of course, anytime a company has won an award locally they likely have a good reputation.

4.      Communication

If your contractor communicates well before you sign the contract, you should have a good experience throughout the process. Communication includes answering the phone professionally or returning your message in a timely manner. It also includes providing a written estimate and either their warranty in writing or sharing where it can be found online.

No matter what type of contractor you need to hire, make sure you find one with whom you feel comfortable. They should provide you information in writing and communicate well. Affordable Replacement Window Systems is your local window replacement company. We offer top brands of replacement windows at an affordable price. Our reputation with our past customers is stellar and we communicate throughout the process of any of our installations. Call 817-264-6509 to schedule your no hassle in-home consultation today.

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