glass or window replacement If you have a broken window you may be wondering if you can just replace the glass or if a window replacement is necessary. There are situations where both are the right answer. Here are a few things you need to consider before you and your window company decide the best option for your home.

When Glass Replacement is a Good Option

It’s rare that glass replacement is a good option. One time that will work is when you have a relatively new windows and get order a new pane or sash from the manufacturer. Another time is if an insulated glass unit (or IGU) exists that fits your window. If you have a historic home and you have wood windows with single pane glass, you may be able to remove the glass and replace it. Just be sure to use similar glass for a consistent look.

If you have a window warranty, it’s best to check with the window manufacturer regarding glass replacement. You don’t want to unintentionally void a warranty on the entire window by trying to save money. They may have a factory authorized window replacement company they allow to replace the glass and keep the warranty in force.

More Often, Window Replacement is The Right Choice

Of course, window replacement costs more than just replacing a pane of glass or the sash but there are times when that doesn’t make good sense. If your window damage is the result of trauma to the entire window, the frame itself may be cracked. You’ll want an entirely new window in this case. The same goes for windows near the end of their useful life. If you replace the window now rather than replacing the glass and then the window in just a few years, you may save in the long run.

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