Whether you’re adding a door or replacing a door to your patio or deck, you may be wondering which is better, a French door or a sliding door. If you’ve spent hours watching the home remodeling shows you might think French doors are the right choice. However, the right door for your home will come down to your personal preference and your space. Each type of door offers advantages and disadvantages.

french doorsFrench Doors

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a French door is that both doors open completely. This can let in more light and air. However, that advantage comes with the disadvantage of also letting in bugs unless your doors open onto a screened in porch. It is very difficult to have good screens on both French doors. If the room your doors will be in is more formal, a French door may give you the formal look you want. The windows in your French doors come in a multitude of grid styles. Many homeowners prefer no grid to let in as much light as possible. Another popular option is what is referred to as BBG, which stands for blinds between glass. If you choose BBG for your French doors, you won’t need additional window treatments. These blinds allow light to come in and a view looking out when you want those things but also privacy when that is the preference.

Sliding Doors

Texans love their sliding doors. The wide expanse of glass makes for continuous flow of the outside in. Quality sliders, like those sold by Affordable Replacement Window Systems, are more energy efficient than most French doors. When space is an issue, sliding doors are a better option. They don’t require space in the room to open. And as we know bugs are an issue throughout the Arlington area so if your doors don’t open into a screened in area, you might want to opt for a sliding door with a screen.

If you’re trying to decide on the best option for your home, let the experts at Affordable Replacement Window Systems evaluate your space and provide you with guidance. They offer many different options that will work whether you’re replacing existing doors or switching a window out for a new door. Call (817) 264-6509 for your complementary evaluation and quote today.


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