If you’re in the market for vinyl replacement windows and your home has something else currently, you may have questions. We have put together the top questions we’ve received from homeowners just like you. Of course, we’re happy to answer your specific questions too! Here are some common answer to help you better understand why vinyl replacement windows may be the right solution for your window needs.

Can I Choose Vinyl if My Windows Are Currently Something Else?

Yes. The material you have now does not impact the options you have for replacement windows. You may not think that replacing old vinyl windows with new ones makes sense. However, chances are that your builder put in single pane windows that weren’t ENERGY STAR® rated. Your new vinyl replacement windows will improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency no matter what your current window frame is made of.

How Long Before I’ll Have to Replace Them Again?

Replacement windows today are meant to last. Many replacement windows of all materials come with a lifetime warranty for the frame and sash. Well-constructed vinyl replacement windows like those from MI and NT Windows won’t need replacing for decades to come.

Will Vinyl Windows Protect My Home?

Vinyl window frames are just as strong as other materials. They’re constructed to withstand strong wind and have locks just like those other window types. If protection from intruders is a concern, talk to your window company about shatterproof glass options available for your new windows for an added level of security.

Will the Colors Fade?

With the relentless Texas sun, you may be concerned if you choose a window frame and sash color other than white, that it will fade. The finish on vinyl windows is not painted on. The color goes through the entire frame and fading is negligible.

Speaking of Color, What Colors are Available?

Standard colors in many vinyl replacement window lines are white, off white and tan or brown. Some have recently added black as a standard color as it has more popular. If you want a custom window color, NT Windows offers their Vivid Color™ windows to perfectly match whatever color you want.

Vinyl replacement windows are a great option for any home. They’re affordable, durable and come in countless options. Ask us about the various colors, styles and finishes we carry. If you’re looking for new windows for your home, call Affordable Replacement Window Systems at (817) 264-6509 or click to text.

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