Replacing windows isn’t something we, as homeowner, do regularly. For many it’s something new and confusing. Because of that, some less than honest window salesmen from both fly-by-night and national window companies take advantage of that naivety. As a locally owned and operated window company, based in Arlington, we want you to know the facts.

Fact #1 – Not All Windows Are the Same

You may think that just because you’re looking at a vinyl replacement window from two different manufacturers, and both are ENERGY STAR® rated for the Dallas-Fort Worth area, that they’ll both do the job. However, that’s not at all true. Some windows companies offer vinyl replacement windows made with recycled or reclaimed vinyl. They won’t look good for as long or last as long as virgin vinyl windows. The same goes for the manufacturing process. It’s also important to check the warranty. Comparing energy efficiency on the on the NFRC window sticker shouldn’t be overlooked.

Fact #2 – There Are Many Great Options for Replacement Windows

Right now, the number one selling replacement window material is vinyl. Vinyl windows are affordable, come in many styles and colors and look great. However, they’re not the only option or the right option for every home. If you have a historic home, clad windows may be a better option for you. Some homeowners want fiberglass windows for their strength and durability. Ultimately it comes down to what you want and what fits your budget.

Fact #3 – National Windows Companies Aren’t Your Only Option

Just because the brand a window company offers isn’t a national brand that you’ve seen advertisements for doesn’t mean they don’t offer quality products. In fact, because companies like ours are independent window companies, they have the ability to sell and install any brand they choose. That means if you have a particular style or color need, they’re more likely to have an option for you. And, because they’re not tied to any one manufacturer, they also can stop selling a particular brand if they feel the quality isn’t what it should be.

Fact # 4 – You Should Call Us for a Free Quote

Admittedly, that’s not really a fact about replacement windows or window companies. But, we think that you should call us for your free quote. When you choose to work with Affordable Replacement Window Systems on your window replacement needs, you’ll find that we offer quality windows at an affordable price. You’ll also quickly learn that we answer your questions fully and honestly and never use high pressure sales tactics to get you to sign a contract. Call or text to experience the Affordable Replacement Window Systems difference at (817) 264-6509 or fill out our contact form.

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