Most people understand that quality replacement windows offer many benefits such as greater energy efficiency and a more comfortable home. However, we field many questions from homeowners considering new windows and hear many people share misinformation. Today we wanted to share some facts about replacement windows you may or may not know.

Low-E Coating Isn’t the Same as Window Tinting

Some people say they don’t want new windows because “they all have the tinted Low-E glass that keeps the light out.” Actually, Low-E glass blocks 5% or less of visible light. What it does block is infrared and ultraviolet light rays that lead to a warmer room and fading of furnishing and carpets.

You Can Replace Your Own Windows, but Shouldn’t

We know you can go to a home improvement store and buy replacement windows and install them yourself. Rarely is this a good idea because chances of your window opening being exactly right for any of their stock windows is low. And, without proper knowledge of window replacement and the right tools, chances of you getting the type of seal and results you want are low. Some manufacturers won’t honor their warranty if the windows are not installed by one of their distributors. Leave installation of replacement windows to a professional window company to get all the benefits your new windows should provide.

Replacement Windows Also Reduce Noise

If you live on a busy street or near the airport, you may wonder if you can do anything to make your home quieter. Choose a quality replacement window and you will hear a difference. One of the ways to increase the noise buffer is to choose an argon fill in double-pane windows as it’s denser than air and will block slightly more noise.

Quality Replacement Windows Last for Decades

Vinyl replacement windows are the most popular option today. When you choose quality replacement windows, you’ll often receive a lifetime warranty of some sort. This is because new windows are meant make your home more comfortable for decades to come. You won’t have to worry about new windows again in your home.

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