Your home’s curb appeal is greatly influenced by your siding and windows. If your windows are cracked, peeling or just don’t help with your home’s energy efficiency, you should know about some of the color trends in windows. Of course, siding is your home’s other big exterior element and there are trends in siding colors too. Here are some of the latest exterior color trends to help you get started choosing your new windows and siding.


As a window replacement company, there is one request we get more than any other right now. That’s for black replacement windows. Black replacement windows started growing in popularity about four years ago. When it comes to exterior color trends, this one seems to have sticking power. Because some replacement windows also have black interiors along with the black exterior, they can make a big change to your home’s interior.

However, black replacement windows aren’t right for every home. Traditional white and off-white or beige windows can do just as much for a home as black windows. Of course, some manufacturers offer brown, green, grey and other colors standard. One of our window lines also has custom color replacement windows.


Today’s siding comes in more colors than ever before. If you are looking at exterior color trends for siding, you’ll want to stick to deep, rich and bold colors for either your primary color or an accent color. Colors like deep grey, navy, bronze and black are great options. Pair any of those with a rich cream and you’ll have a new looking home. Of course, whites never go out of style, but we’re really loving the pairings with creams and dark hues. What’s out? Mossy greens, tans and brown.

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