energy efficient windowsWhen it comes to new windows, most homeowners cite energy efficiency as the primary reason for replacing theirs. All the products we carry are ENERGY STAR® rated so you can be assured they are energy efficient windows. Here are four elements you should be aware of when choosing the most energy efficient windows.

1.      Window Frame Material

For a long time the “new” alternative to wood windows was aluminum framed windows. In the Texas sun those aluminum frames can become very warm and transfer a lot of heat into your home. Few homeowners replace their older windows with aluminum anymore. The three most popular replacement window materials are wood, vinyl, and clad windows. None of these conduct heat the way aluminum does but each have their own benefits other than energy efficiency and depending on the manufacturer some are more energy efficient than others.

2.      Glass

Not everyone realizes how much glass can make a difference in the energy efficiency of a window. Even when comparing two double pane windows, a Low-E glass is more energy efficient than standard glass. What is between the glass also influences its efficiency. Of course, a tinted glass keeps more of the sun’s heat out of your home but also cuts down on the light, which is the primary reason we have windows in our home.

3.      Window Style

It should be obvious that a window that doesn’t open is more energy efficient than a window that does because there are fewer places that air can leak into your home. Casement windows are also more energy efficient than a single or double hung window because they have a tight seal around the entire window rather than separate sashes like single and double hung windows.

4.      Installation

A highly energy efficient window won’t perform as it should when installed poorly. Proper installation includes insulation around the window, calking, and flashing. All add to the window area’s efficiency. Hiring a professional window installation company to install your replacement windows makes a difference. They have training from the manufacturer on the proper methods for your windows. If you are looking for energy efficient windows installed properly, call Affordable Replacement Window Systems. We have access to some of the windows best suited to the Arlington area. Call (817) 264-6509 to schedule your free estimate for replacement windows today.

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