We’re not always the first window company that a homeowner calls because we’re not the biggest company or a national name. However, we’re often the window company homeowners choose because we present a fair quote and answer all their questions without any high-pressure sales tactics or gimmicks. One of the most common questions we hear is, “Do I really need that option?” as they point to something proposed by another company. Here are some of those options that aren’t really necessary, especially if they don’t fit into your budget.

Gas Fills

Argon is the current top gas fill. In reality, gas fills only increase the R-value of the window by about half a point, which isn’t much. If the window company uses argon (or another gas) standard and you have to pay more for an air-filled window, than you might want to consider it. However, even Consumer Reports doesn’t recommend paying extra for a gas fill.

Shatter Proof Glass

If your home backs up to a golf course or you have kids who hit and throw balls a lot, this might be a feature worth paying for. However, for most homeowners, it’s not necessary and will only increase the cost of your replacement windows. Keep in mind that a good window company won’t make shatterproof glass an all or nothing proposition. They should offer them on just the windows where you might need or want them.

Double-Hung Windows

This is an option we highly recommend. It makes cleaning easier and it can improve air flow in a room. A double-hung window opens not only from the bottom up but from the top down. Both sashes tilt in for easy cleaning. Plus, if you have windows on the second floor and want to open them with small kids around, there’s no chance they can fall out like they can an open window that’s single hung. If double-hung windows fit in your budget, you should consider choosing them rather than single-hung windows.


This feature is a great added security option if you like to open your windows and leave them open. Basically, they’re a lock that locks the window open only a few inches. Although it’s not a fool proof security option it’s better than just leaving your windows partially open. In addition to some level of security, it’s a great safety feature if you have small kids you don’t want opening a window further and falling out.

We’re happy to look at a quote from another window company and share with you our options that have the same features and energy-efficiency. Chances are good that we’re a more affordable option and you’ll find that the windows we offer, although they may not be a nationally known brand, they are locally made and come with great warranties. Call or text Affordable Replacement Window Systems at (817) 264-6509 today for your free estimate.

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