Windows with no grids on bottom paneIf you’re considering replacement windows for your home, don’t just settle for the same window type and style. Your home’s curb appeal may be greatly enhanced by a new style. The comfort of your home can be improved when you think about the different options for new windows today. Before you sign a contract with your replacement window company, consider these three factors.


The appearance of your home from both the inside and outside can be changed with different window styles. You may want to change the color of the windows to better coordinate with the home’s exterior finish. Another appearance option is the grid design. Perhaps a prairie grid better suits your home’s style than a traditional six over six grid. You may also decide that changing out a standard double window for a bow or bay window will brighten your space and make the room look more grand, as your replacement window company if this is an option for your space.

You don’t have to choose the same windows throughout your home. If you’ve never opened the window above your kitchen sink because it’s too hard to reach, consider a sliding window or casement window instead. All of these potential changes in appearance should be considered before you finalize your new window quote.

Energy Efficiency

For many homeowners this is the primary reason for replacement windows. What many fail to realize is that there are different factors that influence just how energy efficient they are. Some of those factors you’ll need to evaluate are:

  • Double pane vs. triple pane
  • Gas filled vs. air filled
  • SHGC and U-value
  • Frame material
  • Glass tinting or glazing


As you may already know, wood windows require more maintenance than vinyl windows. For some homeowners, this is another reason for replacement windows. Another maintenance factor is cleaning of the windows. If you don’t like to climb on ladders to clean a window, consider double-hung windows so you can clean them from the comfort and safety of the inside of your home.

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