Although many people use the terms interchangeably, bay and bow windows are not the same. They may look similar and have many of the same benefits, however, they have many differentiators. If you’re considering adding either a bay or bow window to your home, the two main differences are in appearance and cost. You’ll find there are similarities too.


Although at first glance they may look the same, there are several differences you’ll notice upon closer inspection. First, a bay window always has only three openings. They aren’t necessarily the same size and they may not all open, but there are only three windows in a bay window. Often the center window is fixed while the side windows open.

A bow window has four or more panels. Because there are more panels, they form more of a semi-circle and sometimes require their own roofline, especially when they create a turret on the side of a home. Although a bow window has more panes, it may not have as big an angle (so it may not stick out as far) as a bay window. Often either all the panes open or none at all do.


Although a flat window is always the less expensive option, the cost difference in a bay and bow window depends on several factors. When you choose a bay window where all the windows open, it may be more expensive than a bow window where all the windows are fixed. Generally, the cost of installing a bow window is more than installation of a bay window. If your window company understands your budget, they can help you choose the right one for you.


If you’re looking to add more light to your home, both bay and bow windows will do that for you. In most instances where you’re changing from a flat window to one of these options, you’ll get a bit more space in the room, whether it’s a seating area or actual additional square footage. Both styles increase air flow when you choose panes that open because of the multiple angles air can get in and out of the room.

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