We admit that replacing windows in your home can seem like a huge cost. However, once we talk to homeowners about their current windows and their issues, the replacement cost becomes an investment in their home. Today we’re going to look at the costs associated with repairing and maintaining windows compared to replacing windows.

Maintenance Costs

Some maintenance costs occur no matter what type of windows you have or their age. You should replace the caulk around your windows every few years. That is never going away. If you have wood windows and choose vinyl, you won’t ever have to sand, scrape or paint your windows again. You likely have noticed that the older the windows, the more frequently they need painting. Professional painters charge $250 and up to paint a window. If you have 15 windows on your home and you need to paint them every five years, it doesn’t take long before you’ll recoup your investment.

Aluminum windows are quite common in our area, especially in homes built in the 70’s and 80’s. Although you won’t need to paint them, if you want to prevent the finish from deteriorating, you will want to keep them lubricated and protected. Although there are companies that do this for you, it’s more often a DIY project that can take a fair amount of time every year.

Repair Costs

Let’s face it, no matter what type or the age of your windows, glass can break. You’ll have that repair cost no matter what. There are other repairs that you won’t see as often in new windows. The older the windows, the less likely they are to go up and stay up which may require a repair that could cost half the cost of a new window. Drafty windows often need new weather stripping which isn’t a large investment but when you look at the energy loss costs, materials and the repair it can add up. Depending again on the material and the age of the window, repair costs will vary.

Energy Costs

One of the biggest reasons for replacing windows is better energy efficiency. New windows that meet ENERGY STAR® guidelines can save the average homeowner in Arlington $250 – $300 a year in energy costs. However, your home will also be more comfortable and you’ll notice less fading of furniture and carpets when you choose windows with Low-E glass.

Cost of Replacing Windows

Depending on the type of window you choose, options and number of windows in your home, your costs will vary. Our name speaks to our goal – making replacing windows affordable for homeowners throughout the DFW metro. We’d be happy to come to your home and provide a free estimate to help you understand the cost of replacing windows in your home. Call or text us at (817) 264-6509 or fill out our contact form. Ask us about our financing options too!

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