If you’re looking at new windows for your home, you may have started looking at other homes, design websites or talked to a replacement window company. In doing so, you may have realized that there are more than just white replacement windows these days. In fact, some manufacturers offer custom color match so you can have new windows in any color you want without ever having to paint them. Choosing the right color replacement window doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect window color for your home.

Consider Your Current Window Color

Sometimes keeping the color window frame and sash is the right option. If you haven’t or don’t plan on replacing your siding or repainting your home, the current color might be the right color. Look at your home and other homes with similar color pallets for inspiration if you have made changes to the color scheme of your home’s exterior.

Look Inside Your Home

Because your new windows can have a different interior color, you should also look at the windows from the inside. The most popular interior window frame color remains white, but there are other options. If the trim around your window is stained, you may want to consider a natural wood finish that’s available on clad windows or a vinyl window in a darker tone.

Contrast, Compliment or Neutral

If you know you want a change, you can narrow down your options by deciding if you want to contrast your windows with your home, make them a complimentary feature or stay neutral. If you have a white or light color home with a dark roof, black or dark window frames can change the home’s appearance and draw the eye to the windows.

Another approach is to compliment the primary color of your home. For example, if your home is primarily blue consider a frame with a hint of peach or brown. Of course, sticking with a neutral window will give you the most options should you decide to re-paint. Most manufacturers offer a tan, off-white, and grey neutral window. Neutral and white windows are the best option if you may be selling your home in the near future.

Affordable Replacement Window Systems Can Help

As a full service replacement window company who can also help with an exterior makeover with new siding too, call us. Affordable Replacement Window Systems can help you evaluate and choose the right window color for your home, even if it’s a custom color from NT Window’s Vivid Color™ line. Call or text us for your free consultation and estimate – (817) 264-6509.

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