There are many replacement windows on the market. Some, at first glance, seem to be more affordable windows than others. The price difference of the same size window can vary by hundreds of dollars depending on many factors. So how do you tell the difference between cheap and quality affordable windows? Here are some things to look at as you choose from various replacement window estimates.


Most homeowners looking for affordable windows choose vinyl replacement windows as they are the most affordable of all window materials. However, not all vinyl is the same. If you want a quality window, be sure to choose a window made from virgin vinyl. Not only is virgin vinyl stronger, but it also looks better than replacement windows made completely or partially from recycled vinyl. It’s worth the slight difference in price.

Energy Efficiency

It can be hot in Texas. If one of the reasons you’re updating your windows is to improve your home’s comfort, don’t skimp on energy efficient windows. Choose ones that have an ENERGY STAR® rating for the DFW Metro area. The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) independently certifies the energy efficiency of windows so you can truly compare windows in an apples to apples fashion. The difference in price of an energy efficient window for our zone and one that is not rated for our zone is typically only about 10%. Choose ENERGY STAR rated windows and you’ll be much happier with the results.


Like window materials, there are many ways a window can be constructed. When you look at various vinyl replacement windows, you’ll find that the cheapest ones have a hollow frame. Another cost cutting measure is thinner vinyl. Although these may be slightly more affordable replacement windows, they won’t be the best windows nor will they last. Lastly, look at how the corners are joined and the sashes meet. You want interlocking sashes and reinforced corners.

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