Royal Casement Windows by NT Windows

Royal Casement Windows by NT Windows

A casement window is defined by how it opens. Most often found in pairs, each window’s frame sits on a hinge that allows the window to open out much like French doors. You can also have just one window and it too opens out.

Why Consider Casement Windows?

If you want a window that opens wide to allow for maximum ventilation, these windows are your best option. Not only do they open easily, but they allow for a wonderful view because each window is just one pane of glass. Because they open with a hand crank they are perfect for over a sink or other area that makes opening a traditional window difficult. Because the windows open at an angle, you may be able to catch and funnel a breeze into your home that you would otherwise miss. Another benefit is when they are closed they are the most weather tight window that can open.

Because the Arlington area has lots of bugs, most casement windows have a screen installed inside the window use a crank to open but there are other options. Some people wonder about having a screen on the inside. The screens are easy to remove and rinse if they become dirty. Many homeowners remove them during times of the year when they know they won’t be opening the window at all allowing for the truly unobstructed view.

Is a Casement Window Right for Me?

Although there are many advantages, a valid concern is using a casement window on a second story, especially if you have young children in the home as the wide opening can prove dangerous. Also, if you are someone who tends to leave a window open and forget it’s open during bad weather, you might want to consider another window style as an open window lets in all the weather. Most homes in our area have central air conditioning. If yours doesn’t and you rely on a window unit, stick with a traditional single or double hung window.

Casement windows can enhance your view, allow a great breeze through your home, and make it more convenient to open a hard to reach window. If you’re considering replacement windows and wonder what window style will be right for your home, call Affordable Replacement Window Systems. We offer quality windows from local manufacturers in many styles, one of which will be perfect for your home and budget. Call (817) 264-6509 today.

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