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If you’re not familiar with the term daylighting, it simply means to illuminate with natural light. As the days begin to shorten but the sun is still strong, we may battle with wanting to have a bright home and avoiding radiant heating so we close the blinds or curtains. New Low-E glass replacement windows allow natural light while limiting the solar heating in our homes. They also have UV protection that prevents fading of furnishings and carpets.

When we shut the blinds to reduce solar heat gain, we miss out on the benefits of natural light. A few of these benefits include:

Better Sleep

Daylight influences our circadian rhythm. When we’re not exposed to enough, our bodies get out of sync and our sleep cycles are off. In fact, the 2017 Nobel Prize in medicine winners detailed the many benefits of natural light on the body including reducing the risk of various diseases including depression. When you have Low-E glass replacement windows, you can keep your blinds open and allow natural light into your home all day long.


When we sleep better, we’re more productive. That may not be the only thing that helps us get all our tasks done each day. Natural light can increase energy and the overall feeling of satisfaction. Part of this increased satisfaction is that when we, as humans, are connected to the outdoors, we are calmer and more productive.


The California Energy Commission found that students in classrooms with natural light performed up to 18% higher on standardized tests. Another study showed increased learning rates of 26% in one year in classrooms with daylight. Exposure to natural light gives us better recall.

Economic Benefits

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of daylighting is the cost savings. When you use natural light rather than artificial light, you’re using less electricity. Low-E glass replacement windows are also energy-efficient. In addition to the need for less lighting, you’ll also rely on your heat and air conditioning less further reducing your utility bills.

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