The glass in your new windows makes a difference in how they perform. Yes, double pane windows are better than single pane, but more important is making sure that your new windows have low-e glass. Understanding low-e glass and other glass options is as easy as reading on or asking your Fort Worth window company.

What is Low-E Glass?

Low-e glass is a coated glass that helps protect your home from UV rays. This protection keeps the heat out during summer and the heat in during winter. This is part of what makes new windows more energy efficient. It does not impact much of the visible light that comes into your home so it is not like a window film that blocks sunlight. Since the early 1990’s it’s been fairly standard in new and replacement windows.

Laminated Glass Versus Impact Glass

Some manufacturers offer one or the other and some offer both as options. However, they are not the same. Impact glass is most common in hurricane and tornado prone areas. If your home sits on a golf course, it may be a good investment. Some security conscious people choose impact glass on their first floor to prevent break ins. Impact resistant glass is simply less prone to breakage than standard glass. Laminated glass is what you find in cars. It may be standard from your window manufacturer or an option. Its benefit is if your window is broken, it doesn’t shatter all over the place. Plus, an added bonus that there is some UV protection as well as sound insulation with laminated glass.

Obscured Glass

If you’re replacing a window in your bathroom, consider choosing obscured glass. Light comes in through the window but provides privacy. Different manufacturers have various names for obscured glass like frosted, opaque and etched glass. Some companies offer various decorative patterns as well.

Affordable Replacement Window Systems Has Options for Your New Windows

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