If you watch TV at all, you’re bound to see commercials for replacement windows. Sometimes they even claim to have the cheapest windows, other times they offer crazy deals like buy one get two free. As a homeowner who has never replaced their windows, you may wonder how to get affordable windows that are energy efficient, quality windows. The key is working with a window company who provides options. You also should only work with a company who answers your questions and presents a clear estimate. Here are some warning signs that you’re about to get a cheap window rather than affordable windows that will last.

Signs of a Cheap Window

Too many window companies offer what we term bait and switch window offers. They may advertise low priced replacement windows. But, when the salesman comes to your home either those windows are no longer available or they’ll share them with you, but list what isn’t in those windows. A few things you won’t find in a cheap window are:

  • Quality vinyl – Cheap windows have filler in the vinyl which can lead to fading or discoloration.
  • Dual pane glass – If you’re replacing your windows, you want double or triple pane windows for the energy efficiency they provide.
  • Low-e glass – Low-e glass is another key element of replacement windows that will cut your heating and cooling costs as well as prevent fading of furniture and carpets.
  • Tilt in for cleaning – Virtually all quality windows have at least one pane that tilts in for easy cleaning.

Quality Affordable Windows Exist

You can find quality replacement windows in a wide price range. The benefits of lower priced ones differ greatly from more expensive ones. Most homeowners are looking for the most affordable windows that will provide them with the energy savings they’re looking for as well as increased comfort in their homes. One of the best ways to find quality, yet affordable windows, is to look at window brands that aren’t the big names you see every day. There’s nothing wrong with those brands, but their names come with a price tag.

That means you’ll need to call a local window company. Many local window companies work with regional window manufacturers. Just because you’ve never heard of a certain brand of window doesn’t mean they’re not quality energy efficient windows. You can evaluate the energy efficiency by looking at the window sticker rating which is determined by an independent rating organization the National Fenestration Rating Council®. The windows are evaluated and rated by them, not the window companies. You can learn more from their site here.

Choosing the right window company also makes a difference. Affordable windows aren’t worth it if you don’t get a quality installation. Affordable Replacement Window Systems stands behind their fair and honest pricing, quality windows and expert installation. If you’re looking for affordable windows, call the company with affordable in their name  at (817) 264-6509 or click to text us.

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