Aluminum windows can have a bad rap. It’s true that old aluminum windows were prone to different issues. However, if you’re looking for replacement windows for your home and wonder whether you should consider aluminum replacement windows, today’s blog may help.

Why People Often Dislike Their Old Aluminum Windows

Aluminum is metal, and as we all know, metal is a great conductor of heat and cold. Older aluminum frame windows didn’t have insulation. The frames are hot or cold to the touch. So, they weren’t especially energy efficient. Also, older windows often have oxidation. This is either due to older manufacturing techniques, poor maintenance by the homeowners or both.

Today’s Aluminum Windows Are Better

In fact, with advances in manufacturing, today’s aluminum replacement windows don’t conduct heat or cold like older ones. Most frames are insulated making for not only less transference but also better energy efficiency. Add to the fact that they are made to resist oxidation for a much longer time, you won’t have to worry about unsightly windows.

Aluminum replacement windows are less expensive than clad or wood windows, but more than vinyl. Aluminum windows have thin frames that provide great sightlines. They’re also stronger than vinyl. This is an advantage  and partially accounts for their higher price tag.

Disadvantages of Aluminum

Although they do resist oxidation and corrosion for longer, they aren’t impervious to it so over time you may notice some change to the finish or color of your aluminum windows.  And, no matter how well insulated the frame and sash, they’re still metal and will conduct heat and cold. If you have windows that are directly in the sun a good portion of the day, you may want to consider vinyl windows instead.

Another issue is because metal also expands and contracts with temperature changes, they are more likely to end up with seal failures than a vinyl window. With that being said, as long as you choose a quality brand window with a good warranty, that shouldn’t be an issue.

Affordable Replacement Window Systems Can Help

We offer quality locally made replacement windows. Depending on your home, budget and what you’re looking for as far as style and color, we have many options of windows. Call or text us at (817) 264-6509 for your free, no pressure consultation and estimate and we’ll help you decide on the best option. If you missed our previous blog about the pros and cons of vinyl windows, click here.


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