If you’re in the market for replacement windows, you don’t want to go in blindly. Every salesman will have a reason their window is best and why it’s worth the price they’re charging. With a little knowledge before you have the first consultant in your home, you’ll be better prepared to ask questions and make an informed decision based on the answers. Here are five things we want every homeowner to know before their first appointment.

1.      The Importance of Energy Efficiency

For most homeowners, the primary reason they want to replace their windows is because their existing ones are drafty. It truly is worth spending a little more for ENERGY STAR® rated windows if you’re looking to cut back on your heating and cooling costs. You can compare, in an apples to apples, fashion various windows (even from different manufacturers) by comparing their NFRC window stickers.

2.      Warranty

All quality window manufacturers offer warranties of some sort. However, the warranties on the frames and construction differ. Make sure you understand the warranty of the specific replacement window line you’re considering as not all lines from each manufacturer have the same warranty.

3.      Materials

Although vinyl replacement windows are by far the most common option, there are others. Some people choose clad windows and others want wood. Within those different materials there are some differences – for example, some vinyl replacement windows are made of recycled materials and other virgin vinyl. Understand the benefits of different materials and what you need for your home.

4.      Installers

Ask who will install your new windows. If you hire a true window company, your chances of that company handling the installation is much higher than if you hire a remodeler or roofer to install them. Often non-window companies outsource the installation to another company which could lead to issues if there is a problem with the installation down the road.

5.      Quote

Make sure to read the fine print. Are you getting a quote or an estimate? A quote is a final price. An estimate is a guess as to the final cost and your actual bill may vary greatly. Also make sure that the quote includes everything in detail like installation of your new windows and disposal of the old ones.

When you call Affordable Replacement Window Systems, you can be assured that we’ll recommend the right windows for your budget and home. We’ll include everything in our quote so you know the price we give you is going to be the same as your bill. And, our trained staff handles the installation so you do receive the full factory warranty and we’ll be there to honor that warranty. Call us today for your free quote on replacement windows, doors and siding for an exterior makeover on your home – (817) 264-6509. You can also text us at the same number.

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