Buying new windows isn’t something most homeowners do very often. Many only do it once in their lifetime. We understand that to many outside the industry, the acronyms and industry terms can be confusing. And, sadly, not all replacement window companies provide clear answers and transparent information to their prospects because their goal is closing the deal not answering questions. We are asked more about these three terms than any others and we want you to have a clear understanding.

1.     What is the NFRC?

NFRC stands for the National Fenestration Ratings Council. This independent non-profit organization certifies the performance of windows using set criteria. This helps you compare your windows to one another even when they’re from different manufacturers as they NFRC ratings are not submitted by each manufacturer, rather tested independently by the council. You may also see ENERGY STAR® rated on the NFRC label which means the window meets the minimum government standards for providing sufficient insulation in the region they are sold.

2.     U-Factor

If you have old windows, chances are good you can feel the heat coming through them in summer. U-factor is measured in a 0 – 1 scale and the lower the number, the better it insulates. That means in summer your AC won’t run as often and in winter you won’t have to turn up your heat to be comfortable.

3.     SHGC

SHGC is the acronym for Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. This term refers to the amount of solar energy (aka heat) that enters your home. When buying new windows, especially in Arlington, you want windows that block out that summer heat without having to close blinds and curtains that prevent light from coming in. Again, this is measured on a 0 – 1 scale with a lower number indicating less solar heat is allowed through the window.

If you’re still not sure what you’re looking for as you’re buying new windows for your home, call Affordable Replacement Window Systems. It’s our goal to be completely transparent when it comes to your new windows. We’ll answer questions and guide you to the right window for your home and budget that will reduce your heating and cooling costs. We can be reached by calling or texting (817) 264-6509. Our estimates are free so call today.

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