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In our last blog, we talked about vinyl windows which are the most common window type for homeowners today. Today we’re sharing the pros and cons of aluminum replacement windows. Your home may have aluminum windows and you may think that you’ll never consider them for replacement windows, however, today’s aluminum windows differ greatly than those that your house was likely built with.

Light and Strong

Not only are they light in weight, but they can let in more light than a vinyl or wood window of similar dimension. The reason they let in more light is because aluminum is stronger so the frames can be smaller than vinyl windows providing for a more expansive view. This is especially true in larger picture windows.

Noise Blocking

One of the benefits many aluminum windows lists is their ability to sound insulate your home. Meaning, they are better at keeping the outside noises out than other window materials. If you’re in an area with lots of traffic or just need quiet to sleep, you may want an aluminum window frame.

But Are They Energy Efficient?

One reason many homeowners dislike their current aluminum windows is because when the sun shines on them, they become hot to the touch. On our occasional cold days, they’re very cold. This is call thermal transference. If you look at aluminum replacement windows for your home, make sure you look at ones with thermal breaks. These are used in higher end aluminum replacement windows where the interior and exterior surfaces are separated so as to stop the thermal transference from the outside in.

Environmentally Friendly

Most aluminum replacement windows are at least partially made from recycled materials. And, at the end of their life, they are completely recyclable. Besides wood windows, aluminum replacement windows are the most environmentally friendly type of replacement windows both to make and dispose of.

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