Windows were originally intended to bring natural light into the home and keep the weather out. Today’s windows do much more. They provide ventilation when open, insulation against hot and cold as well as UV protection for inside your home. However, the older the windows, the less energy efficient. If you’re wondering about the energy efficiency of windows in your home, here are some ways to figure it out.

Check First for Low-E Glass

One of the reasons energy efficiency of windows has improved over the past 20 years is the increasing popularity of Low-E glass. In fact, today it’s harder to find replacement windows that don’t have Low-E glass than windows that do. This wasn’t always the case. There are two easy ways to check and verify you have Low-E glass. This YouTube video provides step by step instructions for both the paper test and flame test. If you find out you don’t have low-E glass, thee energy efficiency of your windows is quite low.

Find the Manufacturer’s Label and Read the NFRC Rating

Most windows have a label on the bottom of the sash that provides you with the model number and other information. Once you look at that and check the manufacturer’s website, you’ll be able to evaluate the energy efficiency of windows in your home. Remember, windows that were considered ENRGY STAR® rated windows a decade ago, may not be so today.

Hang Out Near Your Windows

If you spend a few minutes near your windows on a hot or cold day and feel the outside weather coming in, chances are good your windows aren’t energy efficient. They are likely drafty and in need of replacing. Even windows with Low-E glass eventually need to be replaced, low-E glass simply adds to the energy efficiency of windows.

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