Before we dive into discussing which is better, air or gas filled windows, let’s remember that not all windows, no matter what they’re filled with are the same. If you’re going to look at options for your new windows, make sure you are comparing similar construction and quality windows before looking at the options like what the multiple panes are filled with.

Gas Filled Windows Always Cost More

How much more depends on what you choose as your gas fill. The two most common as filled windows are argon and krypton. A few manufacturers use xenon and nitrogen. Some windows companies use a mixture of krypton, argon and air. Depending on the gas, the window can cost $50 more than an air-filled window from the same manufacturer with the same features.

They Are More Insulative

With the Texas heat, you may be looking for a window that provides as much thermal insulation as possible to keep the cool air in your home and the hot air out. If that’s the case, Argon is about 1/3 less conductive than air. Krypton is even better at insulating your home. And if you’ve heard about leakage, it’s true that a small percentage will leak over time. However, even after 20 years your gas filled windows will still provide more thermal insulation than an air-filled window.

Quieter Too

Although the primary reason homeowners choose gas filled windows is for their increased energy efficiency, sound absorption is one benefit many homeowners appreciate. Argon or krypton filled windows can make your home significantly quieter. That’s because both of those gasses are denser than air and therefor provide good sound insulation.

Why Choose an Air-Filled Window?

Of course, cost is a leading reason we hear from homeowners as to why they choose to stay with a standard air-filled window. However, one other reason is that the gases used between your window panes doesn’t expand and contract at the same rate as air and glass which leads to failing seals over time. Quality gas filled windows should not have this issue which is why its important that you choose a quality brand name.

Affordable Replacement Window Systems Can Help

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